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I was thinking to myself as I watched the video of Tina Fey’s latest Palin SNL skit that no one has yet (to my knowledge) discussed or characterized what I personally find most annoying and distasteful about Palin’s style: that silly, near ubiquitous and ever-perky beauty pageant persona. I attribute all those nonsense answers of hers directly to that, and all those “I’ll answer on the subject of my choice instead, thank you very little” to that plus her Republicon (lying, prevericating, obfuscating) coaches.

It seemed to me as I watched that Fey had certainly seen what I had because she was certainly playing it, and pretty well.

Just before the end of the skit Fey validated my observation big time.  You’ll have to watch it yourself, if you didn’t see it Saturday night.

That said, this third take off wasn’t nearly as well done (well written) as the previous two, but I did enjoy Queen Latifah. (I’m a fan.)


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which is not the same as superficiality or superfluity (and which is all the more appropriate ’cause I got more heavy stuff coming, shortly).

I ADORE Suze Orman. She’s in her 60s and is one of those Boomer women (like Cher and Tina Turner — well,  Tina’s actually slightly older than Boomer women — and Oprah and Maria Shriver and many others who look simply fabulous for their ages (or for what we used imagine as appropriate-looking for that age).

Orman is also a survivor and a self-made woman (in spades). I’m pretty sure she’s an out lesbian. She’s a trail blazer in her field, wealthy yet money isn’t the most important thing in the world to her. The way I think she puts that is: “People first, money second and things last.” Don’t quote me; I’ll listen more carefully to her next time and report back. Of course I do realize that when you have a lot of money, it’s much easier for that not to be the most important thing in your life — and yet, a lot of people never make it to that point.

Best of all, IMO, she works damn hard to empower others, especially other women, and opens doors for them, which makes her not just a feminist but a real sister and an angel to boot.

I’m not the only one who likes her: Sara Hepola of Salon’s Broadsheet likes her too and for many of the same reasons.

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Almost always scantily clad. (Hmm, wonder why that is?)

I’m so terribly tired of women’s bodies being used to sell stuff. Aren’t you? This image was taken from DU a short while ago. It’s an ad (obviously), using a scantily clad disembodied portion of the female form.

I should think that this sort of “ad” wouldn’t be allowed on a “progressive website,” but I’d be wrong, wouldn’t I? (And don’t imagine I’m “against” the female form — quite the opposite is true. I’m just against its commercialized/commoditized overused MISuse.)

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NOTE: I kept this as a draft (then forgot it) because I needed to doublecheck that this “special” did air on MSBNC, and it did,  though not until 11 pm Eastern. Needless to say I didn’t watch it.


It’s a story more horrifying, more sick and degraded than I can handle, personally, which is why I’ve said nothing about the Josef Fritzl case in Great Britain. It takes something out of me just to do a google search to come up with a link. It’s not a story I’ve willingly — or would willingly — follow, and I sit here typing this with a mild but actual case of physical nausea. This is the man who imprisoned his daughter in a dungeon for 24 years, repeatedly raped and tortured her and she bore him x-number of children. Sorry, if you want the exact number you’ll have to go find it yourself.

The sickest of the sick.

Can there be anything worse? It beggars the imagination to think of that as a possibility. And yet… (more…)

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I’m not even going to tell you what this quote is in reference to. I don’t have to. It’s SO applicable across SO many artifacts of modern culture that to do so would, methinks, would simply dilute its utter perfection:

But it really made me fume when the not-so-subtle message was (and always has been) “look ladies: no matter how smart, how talented, how funny or charming or successful at your job, you will end up being reduced to your parts. Get used to it.”

Yep, that’s the way I see it too. The way I say it is: As long as we tolerate sexism, not even being Queen of England grants a woman immunity. We certainly found out being a U.S. Presidential candidate doesn’t immunize you, rather it sort of ramps it up.

Okay, okay, if you really want to know what she was talking about in that marvelous post, check out Dirty Rotten Feminist blog here.

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Shame on you, Ray McGovern. In an otherwise extremely important, insightful and well-written essay trying to warn us about the impending war in Iran, he criticizes John Conyers thusly:

What the country needs is the young John Conyers back. Not the one now surrounded by fancy lawyers and henpecked by the lady of the House.

Henpecked? Nevermind for a moment how utterly sexist it is, it’s not even accurate. For whatever misguided and loathesome reasons (and I couldn’t disagree with her more vehemently), Nancy Pelosi is doing exactly what her job is, which is to manage what happens in the House (however badly). It has nothing to do with being “henpecked,” Conyers is being managed. Shame on you, Ray, for going for the clever but thoroughly sexist over progressive and accurate. You diminish the first woman Speaker of the House’s stature and authority with your careless rhetoric. I’m angry with her too, but sexism isn’t the answer. You wouldn’t have reached for a racial epithet or slur if the Speaker were a minority.

Shame on you.

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So, we visited this subject just the other day. I said that sometimes women will do things to even out the score that end up hurting themselves — engage in the proverbial “cutting off your nose to spite your face” syndrome, though I didn’t use those words.

Upon further reflection, I realize that these are the actions of the oppressed: (more…)

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