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By now everyone knows about John Edwards’ humiliation of both himself and Elizabeth (and their children!) at his own hands. Hopefully people have also had an opportunity to read and digest her statement, which I found pretty extraordinary (as I find her extraordinary — and what DOES it say when again and again the women these politician men are married to are more than their men are?).

I don’t know quite what to say about the whole thing. Of course it was disappointing – AGAIN?!?!? (meaning yet another philanderer?) Why can’t men control themselves? What was he thinking? How on earth did he think he’d ever, ever be able to keep that under wraps? And so forth. In the final analysis, though, I really feel there are so many more important things going on and this just isn’t my business. Or shouldn’t be. Yes, sure it’s a character issue, and it’s a women’s issue as well. Here’s a wonderful take on that point:

These affair go to show how much farther women’s rights need to go, that we are so willing to discount the broken promises these men made to the person who was supposed to be the most important person in their life. Granted what they stand for is much more important to the world at large but this says a lot about how they view womens value.

And so it does, so it does. The reminds me of something I’ll pass along (again and again and again if I have to): I’m always way leery of the men who proclaim just how much they LOVE women. Too often they love to “love them” (euphemism for have sex with them) and then they love to leave them, often without all that much ceremony. These men can be exploiters, as John Edwards has shown himself to be.
The single thing I’ll say to his credit is that he probably correctly pointed out part of the problem: his own narcissism (and do his $400 hair cuts really help that?)

Meanwhile, of course he’ll have defenders. Here’s one from symbolman:

Re: Edwards. Thomas Jefferson slept with his Slave, yet we still have a Free Country…

And leave it to that particular privileged white male to not even notice that some of us STILL aren’t as free as others of us, and that includes the women among us and the minorities among us. The lad got quite testy when it was pointed out to him, too, that someone who is a slave pretty much by definition doesn’t have the ability to consent freely and so the technical term for intimate relations of that sort is RAPE. Have a look at the little temper tantrum that fact provoked:

23. Dont twist my words please…

Oh! I forgot… Men BAD! Women GOOD!

Guess I’m just another BEAST, like any male who dares disagree with you.

Your shrill, unabating rants take the use of the word “Rape” to new levels, used so much that it nearly ceases to have any Meaning.. Like saying the word “Bird” 10,000 times until it becomes Abstract.

Please Stop villifying people you Dont even KNOW by shanking them with your twisted definitions of exactly what they Were NOT even implying.. You are making a mockery of these issues, damn near a parody of what the rest of us plain old decent people already KNOW as fact..

I always wonder just WHO killed all of your puppies and waved them in your face?

You know, a person CAN be a sexual bigot, it’s not only applied to RACE..

The funny thing is, this response is so way over the top, so disproportionate, such a shriek and so shrill in tone himself, that he loses tremendous credibility in the process. One thinks to oneself: did he just have those arguments laying around ready to use and he didn’t see any reason not to, because they certainly don’t apply to THIS discussion. Silly boy, that’s foolish and makes him look foolish.


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(Still searching, btw, for that block of time which would allow me to continue my Call to Action — on which there’s been damn little action, btw. You’d think SOMEONE could post the link to some other blogs, or to DU, or something, wouldn’t you? Oh well.)

Gratuitous sexism:

They were such obvious WH hos, I’d have expected them to be wearing stiletto heels and thongs.

Ah! so much for the oft-trotted out defense (at DU) that “whore” isn’t sexist since it can apply equally to so many men these days. Sorry, folks, as this exemplifies, you can NOT divorce it from its original denotation; you will never be able to divorce it from its original misogynist denotation.


This has the same effect, I think (proves exactly the opposite of what the porn defenders dlaim). If being so called “sex-positive” (to borrow a phrase) were all that upstanding and honorable and positively appreciated by society at large, we wouldn’t be snickering over McCain offering his wife for the topless and sometimes (nearly) bottomless little biker babe contest, now, would we?

McCain Gaffes, Volunteering Wife For Topless Contest

“I was looking at the Sturgis schedule, and noticed that you had a beauty pageant, so I encouraged Cindy to compete,” McCain told an audience at the rally. “I told her with a little luck, she could be the only woman to serve as both the First Lady and Miss Buffalo Chip.”

I dunno. Call me crazy. I just think the title, “Miss Buffalo CHIP” shoulda warned him off saying anything from the start. Dontcha agree?

3. Katie Couric claims she’s a victim of sexism

And I believe she is.

US newsreader Katie Couric claims she is a victim of sexism
America’s highest paid newsreader has claimed she is a victim of
sexism and that discrimination based on gender is more prevalent
– and tolerated – in US society than racism.

Katie Couric, the CBS evening news anchor who earns a reported $15 million a year, compared herself to failed presidential candidate Senator Hillary Clinton in an interview with Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz.

“I find myself in the last bastion of male dominance, and realising what Hillary Clinton might have realised not long ago: that
sexism in the American society is more common than racism, and certainly more acceptable or forgivable,” Miss Couric told
the paper as she covered Senator Barack Obama’s Middle East tour.

“In any case, I think my post and Hillary’s race are important steps in the right direction.”

Ms Couric, who in 2006 became the first woman to present a primetime network news broadcast solo, has faced intensive
scrutiny not only of her job performance but her outfits and personal life since taking over the CBS Evening News.

And I know she’s right. Further, I believe that one of the reasons — not the only reason, not the main reason probably — that she has done so poorly is that people in this culture are more used to and therefore more comfortable with male voices for serious network news anchoring. This may or may not be something people are even aware of, or if they are aware of their own preference wouldn’t consider it sexist, but it is. The other reason she’s done poorly (not unlike Hillary) is that she had some whacky ideas about how to do the news.

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I HAD to make time and come back here to post this. This is a post from a guy who doesn’t think he’s a sexist, though his posts at DU over the years have again and again proven otherwise. Here’s just such a one and I agree: could it BE any clearer?

Two Women – Two Hats – Two Candidates … could it be any clearer?

And here are the two images:

Says he about his incredible, um, observation:

I was struck by this image of the woman at the Obama rally in Berlin and how it evoked an image from nearly four years ago. The similarities …. and the ENORMOUS difference. There’s something far more profound than I can find words to express. The two images – worth far more than a thousand words, it seems.

And that’s another thing we agree about: his post and images ARE worth more than 1000 words, far more. Unfortunately, sir Nut didn’t like hearing some of those words from another feminist on his “find” and actually took it very hard. The exchange is well worth reading. Mr. Tahiti Nut absolutely loses it. Here’s something else he probably wouldn’t appreciate: I confess to being seized with a really bad — uncontrollable — case of the giggles that he found his little comparison “profound.”
The other noteworty thing, and tragically sad yet totally predictable, is how a post like this invites further sexism. The thread is rife with sexist and ageist insults. The opening post made sexism and ageism not just okay, but an easy way to bond with a longterm, well-respected (ugh) DUer. Disgusting. Bit such a thread is allowed to stand at DU. No one in charge seems to care. Also disgusting.

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And sadly, the women are just as bad. Here’s longtime DUer CatWoman, widely respected and appreciated on DU, starting the ole sexism ball rolling. With a thread title like
Did you hear about what that sleazebag hag, Condi, did? chances are quite good it’ll be downhill from there. (more…)

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Really, in my mind, there’s hardly any other kind. ALL sexism (and other bigotries) is unnecessary and therefore gratuitous. But sometimes the sexism gets especially gratuitous and I’ll be pointing it out. Here’s some patently GRATUITOUS SEXISM, from DUer MonkeyFunk:

73. Geez, who lit your tampon?

This was in a discussion thread started on Saturday by one of DU’s administrators (Skinner) on Saturday. You’d think SOMEone would object and hit the alert button between then and now, and I’d honestly think Skinner himself would be just a little more alert to such obvious sexism in a thread about Hillary Clinton. But noooooo. Oh, but wait. Someone DID hit the alert button, but I missed that a smilie face in the post. Oh, I see. That makes everything okay. It was all just a joke. Sexism is perfectly okay when it’s all just a JOKE.


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