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Ugh. I’ve been saving these for a while since I had so little time for blogging.

All you have to do is read through them, one by one, to get an absolute belly full of how sexist a place DemocraticUnderground really is. These had all been allowed to stand at the time I plucked them, and I’ll bet they’re all sill there:

I Masturbated To Sarah Palin (John McCain Ad)
(Hah! after all the lurid comments that were allowed to stand in this thread, ya have to wonder what on earth got Post #12 in this thread deleted? Given DU’s dedication to misogyny, I can only assume someone calling out the whole thread for it virulent misogynism.)

Does she not look like she’s playing with herself?

Here’s someone who thinks blaming the victim for her own sexist treatment is somehow appropriate — as if she were the one doing that anyway (all I’ve seen is from the campaign and their surrogates):
14. Gak! The ‘Ho From The Snow strikes again. That’s right, I said ” ‘HO “…    If she’s going to cry “Sexism!” every time someone questions her glaringly bad judgment, I’m not going to feel at all badly when actually serving a little up.    Choke on it, Sarah.

and of course, someone has to go after the child:
Bristol won’t have to drive as far for those one nighters

I don’t know how sexist this essay by the prolific NanceGreggs is, but it’s patronizing and that’s usually considered sexist. I don’t think talking down to Palin really works that well, at least not on an extended basis. I hope Nance can get her nose back down after all this verbiage. Here’s How It Goes, Sweetie

aviationPro shows his age, I guess, along with his sexism:
Sarah Palin is every Amway distributor’s wife….

scheming daemons answers the question, “What’s the difference between Palin and Cheney?” this way: I’d like to f*** Palin…. but Cheney is too busy f***ing me……

Palin is such an incredibly stupid vapid bitch

(I’m Thinkin’ ‘Bout Nailin’) Sarah Palin


From our sexist friend, TahitiNut, the one who along with nearly every other male on the planet thinks he’s NOT a sexist: Well, if you put lipstick on a rabid dog in heat, it’s still a bitch.

The voice! That should be enough to end the Palin Pander.

Red state Update: “She’s hot”

Surprise, surprise, here’s a whole thread which uses a serious opening post about Palin to chock it full of comments about her looks, her desirability, etc.

Here’s one of their Sorry Sisters, as i call them — women who ought to know better resorting to sexism themselves: As a woman, a lesbian, a pagan, a socialist, and a FEMINIST I’ve had it with listening to fatuous crap about Sarah Palin. I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to hide it anymore. If I want to call that bitch yes I called her a bitch any name in the book I’ll do it! She’s the whore of Babylon, drinking the blood of saints.

Nauseous enough yet?


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The Republicons have finally discovered sexism. But they’re using it as a tool, a shield to protect their newest political myth (Sarah Palin), and a club to beat off the advances of the opposition with. For example: (more…)

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Alas, Life just doesn’t want to let me have enough time to do justice to this blog. Even so, there’s no end of material, and sometimes I just have to make an opportunity to address things here.

Today, DUer known as zulchzulu just had to go and ruin an otherwise fine idea with a bit of gratuitous sexism.

There’s no reason this graphic couldn’t have been done with little boys. They whine too. The sexism here is thoroughly unnecessary (aka: gratutitous). Shame on you, zulch. And, as always, shame on ALL the Moderators and ALL the admin at DU who continue to allow this level of misogyny at a s-called ‘progressve’ site. Shame on all of you.

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Almost always scantily clad. (Hmm, wonder why that is?)

I’m so terribly tired of women’s bodies being used to sell stuff. Aren’t you? This image was taken from DU a short while ago. It’s an ad (obviously), using a scantily clad disembodied portion of the female form.

I should think that this sort of “ad” wouldn’t be allowed on a “progressive website,” but I’d be wrong, wouldn’t I? (And don’t imagine I’m “against” the female form — quite the opposite is true. I’m just against its commercialized/commoditized overused MISuse.)

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And sadly, the women are just as bad. Here’s longtime DUer CatWoman, widely respected and appreciated on DU, starting the ole sexism ball rolling. With a thread title like
Did you hear about what that sleazebag hag, Condi, did? chances are quite good it’ll be downhill from there. (more…)

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Several years ago (November 2004, to be exact), Mel Gilles wrote a brilliant essay on Matthew Gross’s blog to the effect that the Democrats were behaving like battered wives. She was 100% correct. I urge everyone to read it: it’s still brilliant, still a classic and still too true, alas.

Unfortunately, I’m reminded of Gilles’s insightful essay when I observe the feminist women at DU these days. They seem to have been completely and utterly defeated, suffering from a bad case of learned helplessness themselves. (more…)

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Really, in my mind, there’s hardly any other kind. ALL sexism (and other bigotries) is unnecessary and therefore gratuitous. But sometimes the sexism gets especially gratuitous and I’ll be pointing it out. Here’s some patently GRATUITOUS SEXISM, from DUer MonkeyFunk:

73. Geez, who lit your tampon?

This was in a discussion thread started on Saturday by one of DU’s administrators (Skinner) on Saturday. You’d think SOMEone would object and hit the alert button between then and now, and I’d honestly think Skinner himself would be just a little more alert to such obvious sexism in a thread about Hillary Clinton. But noooooo. Oh, but wait. Someone DID hit the alert button, but I missed that a smilie face in the post. Oh, I see. That makes everything okay. It was all just a joke. Sexism is perfectly okay when it’s all just a JOKE.


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