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The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves. — Lenin

PUMA (“Party Unity My Ass”) is purportedly a group of Hillary supporters who won’t give up. They want — well, I don’t know what they want. I’m not convinced they’re on our side at all. Here’s something terribly important that the whole WORLD needs to know. I don’t know about (some of) the women who consider themselves “members,” but the FOUNDER of PUMA is a McCain supporter:

I believe that the Republicans are cheerful rat-fuckers and therefore would not hesitate to set up a secretive operation of people running around claiming to be Clinton voters who are voting for McCain to keep the legend of the PUMAs alive. If you can convince people that there are PUMAs, then you accomplish two giant goals for the McCain campaign:

1) Creating the illusion that McCain is moderate enough to attract the votes of feminist Clinton supporters and
2) Reinforcing the narrative about how feminists are just hysterical bitches with no common sense who subsist on outrage, can’t act in their own self-interest because of their feminine-addled brains, and can safely be ignored.

Said founder is Darragh Murphy, whose single political contribution was in 2000 to the McCain campaign for $500. (more…)


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So, we visited this subject just the other day. I said that sometimes women will do things to even out the score that end up hurting themselves — engage in the proverbial “cutting off your nose to spite your face” syndrome, though I didn’t use those words.

Upon further reflection, I realize that these are the actions of the oppressed: (more…)

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As I’ve written, I’m no Hillary fan and I was simply aghast when I heard about Hillary Clinton’s insensitive and simply appalling, unforgivable remarks about RFK’s assassination vis a vis Obama’s candidacy. I thought, My God, has she no soul? Or merely pragmatically, is she really that politically tone deaf?

So I finally watched the actual interview with the Argus Leader, (more…)

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You gotta hand it to Obama. He blew it and he knew it. He admitted it straightaway and apologized deeply and profoundly and (at least for my money) very successfully. (If you want to read all about it, here’s an excellent write-up complete with quotes, links and such.)

And the world asks: “Aw, whatsamatter, honey, cantcha take a little over-familiarity?”

Well, no, thank you very little. We can’t take a little over-familiarity — OR joke about our rights and about sexism, for that matter.

For starters, just try to imagine Obama calling a male reporter of any age “Sweetie.” That should give you your first clue: it’s sexist, dammit!

Second, try to imagine (more…)

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