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Shaniya Davis is dead. Her poor little body was likely used for her murderer’s sexual gratification and then tossed aside, like an old unloved rag doll or used kleenex. She meant so little as a human being to her killer that she could be thrown away after he was “done with her.” Just so much waste or junk.  She’s not alone, of course. Girls and women are killed every single day, the whole world over for the express reason that they are female.  There’s no escaping it.

And people wonder why I have so much anger … (more…)


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Ugh. I’ve been saving these for a while since I had so little time for blogging.

All you have to do is read through them, one by one, to get an absolute belly full of how sexist a place DemocraticUnderground really is. These had all been allowed to stand at the time I plucked them, and I’ll bet they’re all sill there:

I Masturbated To Sarah Palin (John McCain Ad)
(Hah! after all the lurid comments that were allowed to stand in this thread, ya have to wonder what on earth got Post #12 in this thread deleted? Given DU’s dedication to misogyny, I can only assume someone calling out the whole thread for it virulent misogynism.)

Does she not look like she’s playing with herself?

Here’s someone who thinks blaming the victim for her own sexist treatment is somehow appropriate — as if she were the one doing that anyway (all I’ve seen is from the campaign and their surrogates):
14. Gak! The ‘Ho From The Snow strikes again. That’s right, I said ” ‘HO “…    If she’s going to cry “Sexism!” every time someone questions her glaringly bad judgment, I’m not going to feel at all badly when actually serving a little up.    Choke on it, Sarah.

and of course, someone has to go after the child:
Bristol won’t have to drive as far for those one nighters

I don’t know how sexist this essay by the prolific NanceGreggs is, but it’s patronizing and that’s usually considered sexist. I don’t think talking down to Palin really works that well, at least not on an extended basis. I hope Nance can get her nose back down after all this verbiage. Here’s How It Goes, Sweetie

aviationPro shows his age, I guess, along with his sexism:
Sarah Palin is every Amway distributor’s wife….

scheming daemons answers the question, “What’s the difference between Palin and Cheney?” this way: I’d like to f*** Palin…. but Cheney is too busy f***ing me……

Palin is such an incredibly stupid vapid bitch

(I’m Thinkin’ ‘Bout Nailin’) Sarah Palin


From our sexist friend, TahitiNut, the one who along with nearly every other male on the planet thinks he’s NOT a sexist: Well, if you put lipstick on a rabid dog in heat, it’s still a bitch.

The voice! That should be enough to end the Palin Pander.

Red state Update: “She’s hot”

Surprise, surprise, here’s a whole thread which uses a serious opening post about Palin to chock it full of comments about her looks, her desirability, etc.

Here’s one of their Sorry Sisters, as i call them — women who ought to know better resorting to sexism themselves: As a woman, a lesbian, a pagan, a socialist, and a FEMINIST I’ve had it with listening to fatuous crap about Sarah Palin. I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to hide it anymore. If I want to call that bitch yes I called her a bitch any name in the book I’ll do it! She’s the whore of Babylon, drinking the blood of saints.

Nauseous enough yet?

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Did you watch her speech? If not, you must, though I warn you in advance it’s a little rough. If you’re like me you too find it incredibly draining at a psychic level to be lied to repeatedly, and to have your own perfectly good, perfectly American values mocked and derided by implicaton.

While she delivered a speech written by speech writer(s) for McCain and therefore can’t really be held totally accountable for the content, she sure seemed to wear it well, filled with enmity and mocking contempt as it was, didn’t she? Tsk, tsk. So much snark, so little moral authority. “Tonya Harding with speechwriters,” said Barry Crimmins. (more…)

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The Republicons have finally discovered sexism. But they’re using it as a tool, a shield to protect their newest political myth (Sarah Palin), and a club to beat off the advances of the opposition with. For example: (more…)

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That quote is, by far, my favorite response that I’ve encountered so far by any woman to the choice by McCain of Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential nominee.  Posted here:

One of the women in my office who is an independent type saw right through it. Saw it for the cynical move it is. She said “they think I’m stupid.”

Cynical indeed. Those poor Republicans. They are so used to making a show of doing the right thing instead of actually DOING it, that they can get themselves in quite a tangle when their cynicism and pandering catch up with them, as it has with this choice. (more…)

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I thought I’d said all I intended to on the John Edwards issue, but noooooo. Some fool woman had to come along and make a perfectly ridiculous statement that begs for challenge. Get a load of this: (more…)

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By now everyone knows about John Edwards’ humiliation of both himself and Elizabeth (and their children!) at his own hands. Hopefully people have also had an opportunity to read and digest her statement, which I found pretty extraordinary (as I find her extraordinary — and what DOES it say when again and again the women these politician men are married to are more than their men are?).

I don’t know quite what to say about the whole thing. Of course it was disappointing – AGAIN?!?!? (meaning yet another philanderer?) Why can’t men control themselves? What was he thinking? How on earth did he think he’d ever, ever be able to keep that under wraps? And so forth. In the final analysis, though, I really feel there are so many more important things going on and this just isn’t my business. Or shouldn’t be. Yes, sure it’s a character issue, and it’s a women’s issue as well. Here’s a wonderful take on that point:

These affair go to show how much farther women’s rights need to go, that we are so willing to discount the broken promises these men made to the person who was supposed to be the most important person in their life. Granted what they stand for is much more important to the world at large but this says a lot about how they view womens value.

And so it does, so it does. The reminds me of something I’ll pass along (again and again and again if I have to): I’m always way leery of the men who proclaim just how much they LOVE women. Too often they love to “love them” (euphemism for have sex with them) and then they love to leave them, often without all that much ceremony. These men can be exploiters, as John Edwards has shown himself to be.
The single thing I’ll say to his credit is that he probably correctly pointed out part of the problem: his own narcissism (and do his $400 hair cuts really help that?)

Meanwhile, of course he’ll have defenders. Here’s one from symbolman:

Re: Edwards. Thomas Jefferson slept with his Slave, yet we still have a Free Country…

And leave it to that particular privileged white male to not even notice that some of us STILL aren’t as free as others of us, and that includes the women among us and the minorities among us. The lad got quite testy when it was pointed out to him, too, that someone who is a slave pretty much by definition doesn’t have the ability to consent freely and so the technical term for intimate relations of that sort is RAPE. Have a look at the little temper tantrum that fact provoked:

23. Dont twist my words please…

Oh! I forgot… Men BAD! Women GOOD!

Guess I’m just another BEAST, like any male who dares disagree with you.

Your shrill, unabating rants take the use of the word “Rape” to new levels, used so much that it nearly ceases to have any Meaning.. Like saying the word “Bird” 10,000 times until it becomes Abstract.

Please Stop villifying people you Dont even KNOW by shanking them with your twisted definitions of exactly what they Were NOT even implying.. You are making a mockery of these issues, damn near a parody of what the rest of us plain old decent people already KNOW as fact..

I always wonder just WHO killed all of your puppies and waved them in your face?

You know, a person CAN be a sexual bigot, it’s not only applied to RACE..

The funny thing is, this response is so way over the top, so disproportionate, such a shriek and so shrill in tone himself, that he loses tremendous credibility in the process. One thinks to oneself: did he just have those arguments laying around ready to use and he didn’t see any reason not to, because they certainly don’t apply to THIS discussion. Silly boy, that’s foolish and makes him look foolish.

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