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That quote is, by far, my favorite response that I’ve encountered so far by any woman to the choice by McCain of Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential nominee.  Posted here:

One of the women in my office who is an independent type saw right through it. Saw it for the cynical move it is. She said “they think I’m stupid.”

Cynical indeed. Those poor Republicans. They are so used to making a show of doing the right thing instead of actually DOING it, that they can get themselves in quite a tangle when their cynicism and pandering catch up with them, as it has with this choice. (more…)


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which is not the same as superficiality or superfluity (and which is all the more appropriate ’cause I got more heavy stuff coming, shortly).

I ADORE Suze Orman. She’s in her 60s and is one of those Boomer women (like Cher and Tina Turner — well,  Tina’s actually slightly older than Boomer women — and Oprah and Maria Shriver and many others who look simply fabulous for their ages (or for what we used imagine as appropriate-looking for that age).

Orman is also a survivor and a self-made woman (in spades). I’m pretty sure she’s an out lesbian. She’s a trail blazer in her field, wealthy yet money isn’t the most important thing in the world to her. The way I think she puts that is: “People first, money second and things last.” Don’t quote me; I’ll listen more carefully to her next time and report back. Of course I do realize that when you have a lot of money, it’s much easier for that not to be the most important thing in your life — and yet, a lot of people never make it to that point.

Best of all, IMO, she works damn hard to empower others, especially other women, and opens doors for them, which makes her not just a feminist but a real sister and an angel to boot.

I’m not the only one who likes her: Sara Hepola of Salon’s Broadsheet likes her too and for many of the same reasons.

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NOTE: I kept this as a draft (then forgot it) because I needed to doublecheck that this “special” did air on MSBNC, and it did,  though not until 11 pm Eastern. Needless to say I didn’t watch it.


It’s a story more horrifying, more sick and degraded than I can handle, personally, which is why I’ve said nothing about the Josef Fritzl case in Great Britain. It takes something out of me just to do a google search to come up with a link. It’s not a story I’ve willingly — or would willingly — follow, and I sit here typing this with a mild but actual case of physical nausea. This is the man who imprisoned his daughter in a dungeon for 24 years, repeatedly raped and tortured her and she bore him x-number of children. Sorry, if you want the exact number you’ll have to go find it yourself.

The sickest of the sick.

Can there be anything worse? It beggars the imagination to think of that as a possibility. And yet… (more…)

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