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Because of this gap women working full time are able to afford less education, housing, transportation, food, and health care for themselves and their families than their male counterparts. As a result women and female-headed households are more likely to be in poverty and less likely to have health insurance. The pay gap translates into a significant economic disadvantage for women and their families, especially when nearly two-thirds (63.9 percent) of women are now either the primary breadwinner or a co-breadwinner, bringing home at least 25 percent of their family’s income.

With the money lost over her lifetime, a woman could feed a family of four for 37 years, pay for seven four-year degrees at a public university, or simply save the money for retirement, boosting her quality of life when she leaves the workforce:

Poverty, no health insurance. Yep, misogyny / sexism kills (as do racism and homophobia).


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In the latest brilliant counterstrike against the GOP’s Vag Offensive, The Snatchel Project is encouraging craftswomen to send their congressmen knit and crocheted bags, pouches and decorations in the shape of their favorite ladyparts. Nothing scares a gynophobic congressman like when they open a box and discover what they think is a constituent’s lovely knit hat or scarf, only to pick it up and realize they’ve touched their hands upon the filthy, evil uterus they’ve been fighting so hard to destroy. The site includes patterns and links to teach you how to use your knitting needles to make your own womb (while knitting needles are still used for just knitting). More examples below:



And BOY haven’t they asked for it, with their over-involvement in our personal lives, our very personal health issues, the very direction of our lives if they have their way? I might have to haul out my knitting needles and join my sisters in this worthy effort.

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If anyone needs more information, a better understanding, of the importance of having women in positions of power, perhaps especially government, this will help and it’s quite endearing too.

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There’s nothing I can add to this except: BE THERE!

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