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That quote is, by far, my favorite response that I’ve encountered so far by any woman to the choice by McCain of Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential nominee.  Posted here:

One of the women in my office who is an independent type saw right through it. Saw it for the cynical move it is. She said “they think I’m stupid.”

Cynical indeed. Those poor Republicans. They are so used to making a show of doing the right thing instead of actually DOING it, that they can get themselves in quite a tangle when their cynicism and pandering catch up with them, as it has with this choice. (more…)


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For anyone who has been following this blog at all, you know I’m no Hillary fan. But AFAIC, she blew the socks off the whole shebang last night at the DNC convention. I’ve never seen her more masterful. And I’m more than willing to congratulate and thank her for her contribution at the DNc convention. Well done, sister. You done good.

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Alas, Life just doesn’t want to let me have enough time to do justice to this blog. Even so, there’s no end of material, and sometimes I just have to make an opportunity to address things here.

Today, DUer known as zulchzulu just had to go and ruin an otherwise fine idea with a bit of gratuitous sexism.

There’s no reason this graphic couldn’t have been done with little boys. They whine too. The sexism here is thoroughly unnecessary (aka: gratutitous). Shame on you, zulch. And, as always, shame on ALL the Moderators and ALL the admin at DU who continue to allow this level of misogyny at a s-called ‘progressve’ site. Shame on all of you.

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Dear Cenk —

I am not exactly a fan, but could be. I’m not a fan mainly because I haven’t been that exposed to TYT though I’ve been watching more and more YouTube clips which come to my attention since I lurk several hours each day at DU (democraticunderground.com) where the links are often posted.

I was so enchanted with your wonderful celebratory praise of Rachel Maddow getting her own show as I watched it tonight that I went ahead and clicked on another clip —- Lara Croft.

Oh! big mistake. Blech.

I don’t know who Lara Croft is supposed to be, some sort of live action figure I take it, or a movie or comic book figure — ?

Doesn’t matter. You dipped into a sexist shtick which totally undid whatever good you did with the Maddow segment.

Why is it progressive men — even progressive men who can give such warm praise to progresive women like Rachel — will still indulge themselves in making women less than, 2nd class citizens worth no more than the value of their snatch shots (or not)? I’m so tired of seeing women’s bodies used gratuitously as attention-getters for absolutely everything, but especially products. Or male bonding. Or a way to get the attention of and appeal to male viewers.

Do you yourself understand that as long as that is the case, as long as we women are objectified at all, anywhere, in any way, we will never, ever achieve anything approaching equality, or even job and pay parity? It’s an impossibility, going against the laws of physics (or some such). As long as that kind of disrespect is extent in the world, women will always be paying the price in terms of what ELSE that level of disrespect means for our treatment.

I beg of you: please give this subject some serious thought, and please become one of our allies, someone we can count on to champion women (as you championed Rachel), someone who will help us achieve equality, instead of one who is merely willing to stand in line and take his turn at pimping us, in a manner of speaking.

Please let me know if you would like to discuss any of this.

Ann Drist

And should any of the rest of you also want to contact him, here’s their contact page. But i warn you, at the moment the Lara Croft misogyny greets you, and I didn’t stick around long enough to find out how, let alone if, I could turn it off.

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The media exploitation of this situation is beyond disgusting, and I’m thoroughly fed up with MSNBC for their part in the feeding frenzy. But beyond that, I’m afraid I begin to smell something not very healthy.

Sad to say, I think John Edwards is lying. From just the few snippets I’ve been exposed to, it appears to me he lied in his big confessional interview, lied about the timeline and, Goddess forbid, lied about whether or not he’s the father of that child.

The only reason any of it matters one whit to me is Elizabeth. I would be heartbroken if she had been not just betrayed but further lied to by him, but I am dearly afraid that’s the case. I hope I’m wrong.

I do wish the media would leave them alone. This is way more than I want to know, way more than anyone needs to know. He’s not our nominee, after all. Further, being in the public eye doesn’t give automatic, completely unrestricted permission for snooping into private lives, in my opinion. It’s as if the media feels that ANYthing is fair game. It’s not, it’s not.

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I thought I’d said all I intended to on the John Edwards issue, but noooooo. Some fool woman had to come along and make a perfectly ridiculous statement that begs for challenge. Get a load of this: (more…)

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By now everyone knows about John Edwards’ humiliation of both himself and Elizabeth (and their children!) at his own hands. Hopefully people have also had an opportunity to read and digest her statement, which I found pretty extraordinary (as I find her extraordinary — and what DOES it say when again and again the women these politician men are married to are more than their men are?).

I don’t know quite what to say about the whole thing. Of course it was disappointing – AGAIN?!?!? (meaning yet another philanderer?) Why can’t men control themselves? What was he thinking? How on earth did he think he’d ever, ever be able to keep that under wraps? And so forth. In the final analysis, though, I really feel there are so many more important things going on and this just isn’t my business. Or shouldn’t be. Yes, sure it’s a character issue, and it’s a women’s issue as well. Here’s a wonderful take on that point:

These affair go to show how much farther women’s rights need to go, that we are so willing to discount the broken promises these men made to the person who was supposed to be the most important person in their life. Granted what they stand for is much more important to the world at large but this says a lot about how they view womens value.

And so it does, so it does. The reminds me of something I’ll pass along (again and again and again if I have to): I’m always way leery of the men who proclaim just how much they LOVE women. Too often they love to “love them” (euphemism for have sex with them) and then they love to leave them, often without all that much ceremony. These men can be exploiters, as John Edwards has shown himself to be.
The single thing I’ll say to his credit is that he probably correctly pointed out part of the problem: his own narcissism (and do his $400 hair cuts really help that?)

Meanwhile, of course he’ll have defenders. Here’s one from symbolman:

Re: Edwards. Thomas Jefferson slept with his Slave, yet we still have a Free Country…

And leave it to that particular privileged white male to not even notice that some of us STILL aren’t as free as others of us, and that includes the women among us and the minorities among us. The lad got quite testy when it was pointed out to him, too, that someone who is a slave pretty much by definition doesn’t have the ability to consent freely and so the technical term for intimate relations of that sort is RAPE. Have a look at the little temper tantrum that fact provoked:

23. Dont twist my words please…

Oh! I forgot… Men BAD! Women GOOD!

Guess I’m just another BEAST, like any male who dares disagree with you.

Your shrill, unabating rants take the use of the word “Rape” to new levels, used so much that it nearly ceases to have any Meaning.. Like saying the word “Bird” 10,000 times until it becomes Abstract.

Please Stop villifying people you Dont even KNOW by shanking them with your twisted definitions of exactly what they Were NOT even implying.. You are making a mockery of these issues, damn near a parody of what the rest of us plain old decent people already KNOW as fact..

I always wonder just WHO killed all of your puppies and waved them in your face?

You know, a person CAN be a sexual bigot, it’s not only applied to RACE..

The funny thing is, this response is so way over the top, so disproportionate, such a shriek and so shrill in tone himself, that he loses tremendous credibility in the process. One thinks to oneself: did he just have those arguments laying around ready to use and he didn’t see any reason not to, because they certainly don’t apply to THIS discussion. Silly boy, that’s foolish and makes him look foolish.

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