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If you read last night’s post on the subject, I hope you had a chance to sample some of the Comments to the PUMA blog because they reveal either some folks so politically naive they’re dangerous, or some folks who are seriously not on our side to start with, or some folks who are simply deranged. Or some combination thereof, I suppose.

Some of these folks clearly indicate plans to actively harm the party. Call me crazy, but my values definitely include “sense of fair play” among them so I think undermining a whole party out of spitefulness (that is, just because your candidate lost) doesn’t work for me at all. It’s worse than childish, it’s self-destructive. This isn’t some high school sports rivalry, this is life and death (just ask the families of over 4000 dead U.S. troops, not to mention the tens of thousands maimed and psychologically damaged for life, or the millions of Iraqis harmed — and all that’s just for starters!). I hope someone at DNC and/or the Obama campaign is monitoring these groups in a thorough and systematic way.
BTW, Darragh Murphy insists she’s always been a Democrat, (more…)


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