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Blog Notes

I’ve gone through and edited some of my links to other blogs. For the most part, I want to link to feminist content — not just any content. So some of the links that were there earlier are now hidden. I’ll check them out periodically and if they have feminist content — good feminist content — they’ll reapear. In the meantime, I’d be happy to get suggestions for feminist blogs to link to. It’s time-consuming examining everyone else’s links, esp. when so many aren’t feminist at all.

Oh, and I have absolutely NO idea (tho will study the matter at some point) why I can’t combine my two major categories. I take it Blog Roll is there whether I want it to be or not, whereas Feminist Blogs is a category I installed. But I don’t understand why I can’t combine them into one. Shrug. So LET IT BE KNOWN:

All my listed blogs are feminist blogs or have significant feminist content.


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Here at Echidne of the Snakes, and here at The Hathor Project. Much fascinating reading abounds. You may not see me again for a week, maybe two.

Edited to add: Be sure not to miss a feminist critique of comic book heroes and superheroes: Women in Refrigerators with all its links (not that many). It’s apparently an oldie, since the author, Gail Simone, is herself now a well-known and apparently quite successful comic book writer. It’s not my genre, but boy, after reading this you can see how desperately the field needed more strong, feminist women. Of the responses to her original critique, from writers/creators themselves, the several women’s responses are for the most part gold, and I especially liked Rachel Pollack’s.

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