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Shame on you, Ray McGovern. In an otherwise extremely important, insightful and well-written essay trying to warn us about the impending war in Iran, he criticizes John Conyers thusly:

What the country needs is the young John Conyers back. Not the one now surrounded by fancy lawyers and henpecked by the lady of the House.

Henpecked? Nevermind for a moment how utterly sexist it is, it’s not even accurate. For whatever misguided and loathesome reasons (and I couldn’t disagree with her more vehemently), Nancy Pelosi is doing exactly what her job is, which is to manage what happens in the House (however badly). It has nothing to do with being “henpecked,” Conyers is being managed. Shame on you, Ray, for going for the clever but thoroughly sexist over progressive and accurate. You diminish the first woman Speaker of the House’s stature and authority with your careless rhetoric. I’m angry with her too, but sexism isn’t the answer. You wouldn’t have reached for a racial epithet or slur if the Speaker were a minority.

Shame on you.


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Every feminist I know is heart-and-soul committed to GLBT rights as well. That pro-gay rights stance started with N.O.W. (I think) more years ago than I care to remember. N.O.W. understood, even if the membership didn’t exactly (esp. at the time), that it’s all of a piece, that sexism and homophobia are intertwined and inseparable. In fact, homophobia is a subset of misogyny, or as one bright feminist put it:

79. I agree that homophobia is rooted in sexism
If the worst thing that a man can be is like a woman, what does it make women?

Sadly, too many of our gay brothers don’t see it, and/or don’t much care about the plight of women at all, anyway. Too many of them forget about sexism completely — I mean COMPLETELY! (more…)

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Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m a procrastinator. Huge procrastinator. And I’ve been procrastinating about this.

True, I’ve been busy (away for the weekend and so forth, for example), but in addition, I’ve flat been putting this off. It’s a distasteful job. I’m a little shy about actually calling people out, and … well, as I said, it’s a distasteful job. As I’ve just pulled together the first small and relatively benign exchange (except I don’t find any sexism or indeed any bigotry “benign”), I find myself just flat depressed.

I’m depressed by how much of this shit actually goes on in “liberal” bastions on the internet. I’m depressed by what a free rein there is at DU (DemocraticUnderground.com) for sexist shit talk like this. I’m depressed because few see it, fewer get it, and even fewer actually do anything about it. I’m depressed that DU women don’t revolt en masse like DU’s GLBT folks did, (with very good results, I might add).

So, anyway, let’s get to it. (more…)

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It’s an election year and the Republican nominee is, predictably, anti-abortion. So the topic comes up now and then.

There isn’t much about abortion that hasn’t been said, and frequently. But there’s one thing about abortion that to me trumps absolutely everything else: (more…)

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Goodness, tracking this phenomenon could be a full-time job.

I have to admit to shocked and delighted surprise at a wonderfully sensitive piece Nicholas Kristof wrote for the New York Times, saying basically that Obama ought to give a Sex speech (uh, could we call it gender??) like the Race speech he made, and then make a big play for women by making something like worldwide maternal mortality (death in childbirth, which stands at 1 per minute) part of his campaign. (I’m not all that crazy about this idea, but will leave it at that.)

In the process, Kristof makes some wonderful points, among them this one which so many of us women (feminists) have been trying to point out and so many Obama supporters as well as all the garden-variety neanderthal sexists have been either ignoring completely or ridiculing and denouncing (both standard tactics used against women and our concerns): (more…)

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So, we visited this subject just the other day. I said that sometimes women will do things to even out the score that end up hurting themselves — engage in the proverbial “cutting off your nose to spite your face” syndrome, though I didn’t use those words.

Upon further reflection, I realize that these are the actions of the oppressed: (more…)

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Who among us hasn’t enjoyed Keith Olbermann’s Special Comments, where finally, finally! someone with some actual leftish sensibilities speaks up to identify, name and denounce the chicanery, hypocrisy, self-delusion, intentional deception, and so forth and so on (and on and on) on the right. It’s been a breath of fresh air.

But the self-righteous path must be trod with care. (more…)

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