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Kudos to Scott McClellan for speaking out in his new book, as much as he was able or willing to, that is. I haven’t read the book, but I’m discomfited by what I’ve heard of his continued “protection” of Bush. If he sees Bush as anything but one of the most evil people to walk the planet, he still isn’t seeing the truth.

What I’m enormously amused by, though, or would be were it not so alarming, (more…)


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As I’ve written, I’m no Hillary fan and I was simply aghast when I heard about Hillary Clinton’s insensitive and simply appalling, unforgivable remarks about RFK’s assassination vis a vis Obama’s candidacy. I thought, My God, has she no soul? Or merely pragmatically, is she really that politically tone deaf?

So I finally watched the actual interview with the Argus Leader, (more…)

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It’s no secret in the blogosphere that Markos Moulitsas of DailyKos.com fame is an Class A (for a-hole) Misogynist, or that you can get a dose of the famous DailyKos flavor of misogyny right there on the front page nearly daily.

The first worst thing that I remember a major brouhaha about (not being a fan or even much of an occasional visitor) was the Return of Gilligan’s Island flap, and it was unbelievable.

In a nutshell, for the uninitiated, women were deeply offended by a video ad for the reality show running on DailyKos of two busty women throwing pies at each other and dared to complain. Even I was surprised and appalled at Kos’s uber-cavalier response of nearly 3 years ago now: (more…)

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I’ve offered my own critique of DU Admin Skinner’s concessions to their complaints, along with my hope that DU’s GLBTers would not be so quick to forgive and forget. Alas, they mostly were. Only one person, 94114_San_Francisco, raised any concerns: (more…)

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Or, for that matter, don’t tell women how to be women. Just don’t.

Telling women how to behave, what to think, what to believe, who to BE has been a right that Patriarchy co-opted for itself (forcefully and violently) for millennia now. We’re farkin’ tired of it. And at this point in our history we have just enough freedom and equality to say: STFU, and stop doing that. It’s not your business, and we’re not here to satisfy YOU or live up to your expectations in any case.

So, when someone says that Hillary’s campaign has “set feminism back,” that’s inherently sexist all by itself. And let’s not even get into the arrogance and sense of entitlement these men (usually men, tho not always) are tapping into to imagine themselves authorities on what is and is not, what should and should not be contemporary feminism. (Wouldn’t be any kind of feminism that just happened to be no real threat to THEM, now, would it? Nahhhhh. Men wouldn’t do that.)

So, no, Hillary has not set feminism back, no matter how shocking or disappointing her behavior as a human being and candidate has been, despite some men’s fervent wish and faux feminist Camille Paglia’s fevered imagination, and she’s not shy about trotting out stereotypical gender insults to make her point, either: (more…)

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…This is the Indianapolis 500,” said the announcer.

And ain’t that the truth? For a long time, Indy was the ONLY race, or at least, back when my my brother and I used to watch the Indy 500 when we were growing up in the 1960s, there weren’t any other races of that type that we knew of.

So today I was going to catch Wolf Blitzer’s Sunday show (more…)

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Well, it appear I spoke too soon. That otherwise wonderful GLBT thread kicking Skinner’s behind on the issue of homophobia and other bigotry just couldn’t do without at least one token sycophant:

damkira (1000+ posts) Wed May-21-08 11:42 PM
Response to Original message
111. Thank you, Skinner.
A couple of loud-mouth malcontents don’t represent the gay community. Some people are going to be upset no matter what you do… you shouldn’t let anyone intimidate you.
You’re doing a great job.


Skinner has now responded in a new thread. A few early responses are in, and they are favorable. But I’m waiting for the deeper, more critical (and perhaps cynical?) thinkers to weigh in, because I found Skinner’s response woefully inadequate. Oh, it’s lengthy. Oh, it’s filled with “solutions” (or at least that’s how Skinner seems to think of them). But he still just doesn’t get it. (more…)

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